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What We Believe...

Do you enjoy the teachings of:

  • Wayne Dyer?
  • Deepak Chopra?
  • Louise Hay?
  • Neale Donald Walsh?
  • Marianne Williamson?

Did you see and enjoy the movies, What the Bleep or The Secret?

If so, you’ll find our teaching to very much aligned with these powerful spiritual leaders of our time.

What we are...

We welcome people of all religions! Our daily devotion is to discover God within us, and to reveal more of our true spiritual nature and potential. We are ready to greet you if you are ready to step onto a new spiritual path fulfilling human needs in the 21st century.

What we’re not...

  • We do not teach you what to think.
  • We support independent, positive, life-giving, affirmative thinking as the approach to even the most difficult of life situations.
  • We do not worship a leader, or a book; nor do we look to crystals, tarot cards or Jesus to save us.
  • We deplore judgment and prejudice toward any people, no matter what their race, religion or sexual orientation.
  • We do not proselytize, evangelize, or attempt to “convert” anyone.
  • We are not the same as Christian Science and we have no association with Scientology.
  • We are not a “new age” church.

Who we are...

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living has been servicing the greater Phoenix area since 1989. We are a member of the Centers for Spiritual Living, a denomination founded in 1927 by Ernest Holmes (1887-1960).

An eager widely-read student of world religions as well as metaphysics, Holmes created what he called the Science of Mind philosophy as a synthesis of all he studied.

He believed that religions should be practical and provable, hence the name Religious Science. Holmes created a unique and effective prayer known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, which is taught in several of our classes at New Vision Center for Spiritual Living.

What We Do...

Each Sunday our minister presents a positive, pragmatic, uplifting message, supported by our professional practitioners as well as the inspiring music of guest vocalists and our very own “house” band, The Divine Groove.

We teach classes in how to use the power of our thought, affirmative prayer and meditation techniques. We also produce workshops, seminars and classes in all areas of life, with topics on relationships, creative potential, prosperity and self-esteem, and more.

Our Purpose...

At New Vision Center for Spiritual Living we teach spiritual living and live spiritual teaching.

Come join us for a Sunday Service! You’ll be glad you did!

Click here for The Declaration of the Principles of Science of Mind and Religious Science, as written in 1927 by Ernest Holmes. Originally titled What I Believe, it has been adopted as the official Declaration of Principles of United Centers for Spiritual Living.

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