(Youth Program during service for 3 years of age and up)
New Vision Center for Spiritual Living
18010 N. Tatum Blvd. ~ Phoenix, Arizona 85032


The New Vision Center for Spiritual Living is a dynamic teaching center. We continuously offer educational and enrichment classes that focus on the teachings of Science of Mind® (referred to as "SOM Classes"). We offer workshops, book studies, special interest and introductory classes, as well as accredited classes through Centers for Spiritual Living. 

To learn what we are currently offering, please refer to our calendar or contact us for class dates and times.

Why take classes?

The basic principles we study are profound, but not necessarily easy to embody and practice in our daily lives. Sunday morning is where we hear about our potential, but the classroom is where we experience the practical application of principle. The process of regular Science of Mind® class attendance is how we begin to embody a true change in our consciousness.


No matter who you are or what the current issues on your path, in classes you will find a new perspective - in a timeless message that is totally relevant for today. Each class is taught in a fun and fast-paced format. The support of shared insights and the opportunity to ask questions in a classroom setting offer a learning environment not easily duplicated with solitary study. The discipline of regular attendance and the weekly readings create a framework for asking the big questions about life and our place in it.

What happens in class?

Through lectures, discussions, and workshops led by a qualified instructor, the student learns how to personalize the same metaphysical principles which the great masters throughout history have used to experience greater wholeness!
Each class takes on an energy of its own which stimulates each individual mind.

What will you learn?

- You will learn about your connectedness to an infinite power for good which you can use.
- You will learn how to apply Universal Principles in your daily life and get results.
- You will learn the art of positive prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment.
- You will learn the value of meditation and daily spiritual disciplines and commitment.

- You will learn that you have found new friends and relationships in your classmates who think as you do.


- You will learn you really can create a new life by changing your thinking and beliefs.

Is there tuition for classes?

Yes. Taking a Science of Mind® class requires a commitment of both time and money. The truth is little can be achieved without commitment. It creates an expectancy of change which is very valuable. Tuition is set by Centers for Spiritual Living and is standard for all centers.

What is the value of taking "accredited" classes?

A certificate of completion is issued at the conclusion of all classes when the attendance and other requirements have been met. After completing a specific number of classes, a student may be eligible to apply to become a Practitioner, and with further class work, may become a Minister licensed through Centers for Spiritual Living.


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