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Do You Pray?

DO YOU PRAY? Of course you do! 
As we all learned in the Foundation Class of the wonderful Science of Mind Teaching: Every Thought is a Prayer! The question is, are we using our most potent tool for transformation to bring into our lives the Good that we truly desire?10421309_10203548580856051_3551824942113364223_n
Manifestations are a tricky business I found out!  Turns out the universe is matching our vibration. If I am critical of myself guess what shows up in my outer experience?  If I feel scared and see lack in my checkbook, more opportunities for feeling that way surely come my way!
So what to do?
Focused thought, mindful exploration, lots of loving of ourselves in the process, and maybe joining others on a similar journey – all are great ways to practice and master: The Power of Your Word!
We are starting a new class and if you have completed the Foundations Class you are eligible to join this powerful exploration of how to use our creative mind in the most beneficial way for yourself, your loved ones and for the world at large. It all starts in our own minds!
Two month to bravely walk into the direction of our dreams, two month to harness the benefits of mindful praying, two month that will change your Mind (and therefore your LIFE).
Join us!  If you have questions send me an email. Let me know how you are doing!

Come join this wonderful exploration of who you really are!